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San Luis Potosi – Beauté cachée du Mexique

San Luis Potosi – Beauté cachée du Mexique


In San Luis Potosi, the summers are short and hot, the winters are short and cool. The climate is dry and partly cloudy all year round. During the year, the temperature generally varies from 5 ° C to 29 ° C. The best time of year to visit San Luis Potosí for summer activities is from late April to mid-June.


San Miguel de Allende - San Luis Potosi 2h15 by bus with the company Primera Plus for 390 pesos (16.50 euros).
Only one departure each day at 9:30 in the morning. Very comfortable and on time bus. Arriving in San Luis Potosi, Uber is not working and I cannot install the Didi app on my phone. Suddenly, no choice, I have to fall back on a taxi. Obligation to buy a ticket at a counter, 60 pesos. Then the taxi is allocated according to the order of arrival. Personally, I will have the right to an old jerk to reach my centrally located hotel.
Anecdote: the taxi insists that I indicate him the route. Lol. "Uh, no, aren't you the taxi ???"

San Luis Potosi being located on the road to Huesteca Potosina, I choose to stop there. This commercial and dynamic city is, of course, less spectacular than its neighbors, but it is still interesting to stop there and stroll there ... Enough to regain strength before setting out on an adventure in the remote regions of the state of San Luis Potosi !

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TOP 7 to visit city of San Luis Potosi

San Luis Potosi

San Luis Potosi

San Luis Potosí, located at an average altitude of 1860 m, is the capital of the state of the same name in Mexico. With the agglomeration, its population rises to just over 2 millions of inhabitants. The city stood out for its participation in the struggle for the independence of Mexico (1810-1821) and was throughout the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th an active political, military, ideological and religious center.

Currently, it is an important industrial city located in a region rich in agriculture, livestock and minerals. It is also a strategic point for commerce and education, thanks to its geographical location and its means of communication and transport.

Its center houses a few Baroque-style buildings in pink freestone. Personally, I was pleasantly surprised. Of course, what there is to visit is limited to a few places. But I had a great day there.

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-  Capital O Hotel San Jose   -

Pour réserver, cliquez ici

Hotel booked on Booking at 440 pesos (18 euros) per night. Bedroom with 2 beds and private bathroom. Beautiful and large room, very bright. I feel really good there. It overlooks an interior garden, so it benefits from the calm despite the ambient noise of the city center. I love, I validate. The receptionist, who is also the maid for that matter, is lovely. Her welcome greatly contributed to making me immediately feel at home. I sincerely recommend this place. 


San Luis Potosi - Ciudad Valles 4:45 by bus with the company Vencedor for 300 pesos (13 euros).
Promo purchased online, it is very rare that it works. Most of the time, when paying, as if by chance, the system crashes. Well, not this time. The average price of this ticket is usually between 550 and 600 pesos. At 300, it is really a bargain.
Nice trip without a hitch. The bus in Mexico is really the best !

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Huasteca Potosina

The Huasteca Potosina

Top 10 things to visit in Huasteca Potosina
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El Meco Waterfall Mexique

El Meco Waterfall

Mirror, my beautiful mirror, tell me who is the most beautiful"

🚌 Bus Ciudad Valles - El Naranjo 230 pesos round trip, Entrance fee to the park: 30 pesos. Lancha + tubing: 80 pesos. 

For information, the agencies sell you the same day at 1200 pesos minimum. I will let you do the math. 

Located not far from the village El Naranjo and better known as “El Mirador”, this waterfall of the El Salto river flows into the abundant vegetation of the mountains. With a fall of 38 meters, El Meco may not be the tallest, but it is one of the most enchanting waterfalls in Mexico. The blue color of its waters is due to the dust given off by the limestone found at the bottom of the river.

Roberto first takes our group to the watchtower. Wow ! Real wonder, we stay there for a while to take 12,000 photos, it is so beautiful. We then leave, the 6 engulfed in his car, to the El Meco ecotourism park, which in addition to offering a leisure area and beautiful views of the river, allows all types of services to be hired; lancha, paddle board, tubing, waterfall jumps, kayak tour and abseiling. After several hours of enjoying the joys of the river, everyone takes their lunch in their own corner. Personally, I eat in front of the water a dish simmered by the locals for 50 pesos. The top! I offer myself a nice walk along the river. I have never seen anything like this. I am struck by the color of the water, it is like supernatural. I stand there dumbfounded to contemplate it. Of incomparable beauty, this offers a color palette worthy of a watercolor. The photos you see are raw. I do not touch the color of my photos. And to be honest, Mexico will never cease to amaze me. Damn it ! What I like about this country. It is crazy how much it has to offer. Lunch ends, we decide to continue with the El Salto waterfall located only 10 kms away. Youhouuuu! 


Cheli et Arnaud decident de descendre du bateau et de sauter. Arnaud plonge en exécutant un salto arrière. Cheli reste bloquée là haut à regarder l'eau. Du coup, je décide de monter à mon tour. Je passe devant elle et je demande à Roberto s'il est prêt à filmer. Réponse: "listo". Hop je saute. Vu que je l'ai fait, je sais bien qu'elle se sentira obligée de le faire également. Technique qui marche toujours 😉 Et ce fut le cas. Génial !

El Salto Waterfall

Located in the biosphere reserve of Sierra del Abra Tanchipa, is the waterfall El Salto, one of the largest in the state.

This huge waterfall, high 70 meters is one of the most impressive waterfalls in San Luis Potosi, but it is only visible during the rainy season. Indeed, the flow depends on the power station which blocks the water. After heavy rains, the power station opens the vans, the water is very blue and the waterfall is magnificent. The rest of the year, the water is diverted to the power station, leaving El Salto almost dry.

Just below it, petrified rock formations have, thanks to minerals, formed natural mini pools in which you can swim peacefully. Our small group benefited greatly. The water was a bit cool but it was impossible not to take advantage of it. 

Incredible day ! We all left very excited. I am still daydreaming thinking about it. 

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El Salto Waterfalls Mexique

Tamasopo Waterfalls

🚌 Bus Ciudad Valles – Tamasopo 120 pesos l’aller retour. Le chauffeur peut vous déposer juste devant l’entrée des cascades. Top !  </br> Prix entrée Tamasopo: 100 pesos </br> Prix de l’entrée Puente de Dios: 70 pesos

Not far from Ciudad Valles is the village of Tamosopo which means in the Téenek language, "the place where water drips". And for good reason, it is surrounded by many waterfalls. The wildest are undoubtedly those of Puente de Dioswith a pretty cave illuminated by the rays of the sun and submerged in the vegetation, accessible after a good descent on foot in the forest. The three waterfalls of Tamasopo, which form small natural pools that are very pleasant to swim in, are equally beautiful, but they are located in a nice complex.

So I start in the morning with the complex to make sure there are not too many people. Here it is a popular attraction which features very beautiful waterfalls of 20 and 15 m, rope swings, diving boards, zip lines. Everything is well appointed and frankly pleasant. The waterfalls are preserved in their natural form. There are many restaurants on site.

At the start of the afternoon, I decided to go to El Puente de Dios located 15 minutes by car ... which I did not have but I will find a way. I ask several taxis which charge 70 pesos. No collectives in sight. Well, long live hitchhiking !


El Puente de Dios Waterfall

Concretely, it is not been 5 mins that I am at the side of the road hitchhiking that Jorge stops with his scooter. Very nice, he drops me right in front of the entrance to El Puente de Dios. This being located on the other side of the railroad tracks, he will even make sure that I enter the site. Too adorable ! 

Entrance fee: 70 pesos

Puente de Dios features a cenote-style swimming hole, waterfall, and cave located in the middle of the jungle. To reach this swimming area, visitors must descend steep stairs, cross a river, and then swim in a cave to emerge through a small opening in this magnificent natural pool. Ropes are added in some sections to help swimmers. I cannot tell you if the experience is crazy because my little body is not warm enough today to bathe. Suddenly, I do not see myself attempting the adventure. On the other hand, I love the ride. 

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During my walk in Puente de Dios, I meet Homero, a 68-year-old retiree on vacation for a few days in the region. We will go a long way together. He offers to drop me off at the bus in the village. It is nice, let's go! We arrive at the crossroads joining the main road when a bus passes in front of our nose. I say nonchalantly "I bet this is my bus". Neither one nor two, here is not that Homero is chasing the bus, overtaking the cars at full speed and forcing it to stop with flashes of the headlights. Can you believe that it works 😂I imagine the same in France🤣

Tamul Waterfall Mexico

Tamul Waterfall

🚌 Bus Ciudad Valles - Saulz 31 pesos one way. You then have to take a collectivo to get to either Morena or Tanchachin. Personally, I was picked up by car by Homero because he wanted to make the same visit. 

We stop at Tanchachin where Homero negotiates the lancha at 150 pesos each instead of 300. The ride lasts 2 hours.

From the start, I was moderately excited. There are lots of people, it is really something for tourists: not for me. Result: a hassle ! Lot of people, crowded, busy. It screams to race with the others, to advance the lanchas because yes, in addition to paying, you have to paddle. Luckily we are 14 instead of 25 in my boat so we are not moving. I am laughing because they forgot to give me a paddle. Suddenly, while everyone is running out of steam, I take myself for a walk eating cakes. which will make the boats arriving in the opposite direction laugh. Side view, it is pretty but nothing more. Certainly, the clouds remove the blue from the water and that we can not do anything about it, it is part of the trip. But, overall, I find the other stunts really cooler. The highlight of the show is the moment when all the lanchas park around a large boulder located in front of the waterfalls. We then witness a crowd of people rushing in single file to take the famous photo in front of the waterfall. On their photo, it may seem magical but the reality is quite different, you have to see behind the scenes. A big joke ! No thank you, it does not make me dream, I do not want a picture. A stop at a cenote in a cave follows. Here again, the crowd rushes into it. I therefore do not bathe. These 2 hours will seem endless to me. In short, you understood it correctly, everything swelled me. it may seem magical but the reality is quite different, you have to see behind the scenes. A big joke! No thank you, it does not make me dream, I do not want a photo. A stop at a cenote in a cave follows. Here again, the world rushes into it. I therefore do not bathe. These 2 hours will seem endless to me. In short, you understood it correctly, everything swelled me. it may seem magical but the reality is quite different, you have to see behind the scenes. A big joke! No thank you, it does not make me dream, I do not want a photo. A stop at a cenote in a cave follows. Here again, the world rushes into it. I therefore do not bathe. These 2 hours will seem endless to me. In short, you understood it correctly, everything exaspered me.  

Once back, we decide to go to Aquismon to enjoy the beauty of the countryside. Wow ! It is really superb. 



The magical city ofAquismon is the Mecca for lovers of adventure sports such as: abseiling, rock climbing, hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, parachuting, rafting or wingsuit flight. Here you can set out to conquer spectacular rivers, waterfalls and the impressive caves that abound in the region. Aquismon is the starting point to get to The Cave of Swallows which is, without a doubt, one of the most fascinating settings in San Luis Potosi. It is an impressive natural chasm , the seventh in the world, whose mouth is about 60 meters in diameter and its depth reaches 512 meters , with a free fall of 376 meters . .

it is inhabited by thousands of swallows, , parrots and other species, which every day, at sunrise, come out forming a large vortex offering a unique spectacle.

Aquismon is mostly inhabited by natives Teenek , speakers of this language, but there are also, to a lesser extent, speakers of Nahuatl, Xi’u or Pames. You can find the women of the Teenek community proudly embroidering their incredible textile pieces at La Mora Market, where coffee, vanilla, brown sugar, and handicrafts made by the skillful hands of Potosí artisans are also on offer.

🚌 Return bus Aquismon - Ciudad Valles 50 pesos

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Huasteca Potosina Mexico


-  Hostal La Concordia   -

Hotel booked on Booking at 250 pesos (18 euros) per night. Extension negotiated on site at 200 pesos. Bedroom with 1 double bed and shared bathroom. I feel good. I appreciate the air conditioning because it is hot. Everything is very clean. The large terrace is appreciable in the evening. I did not use the shared kitchen as I was always outside. Great bakery next door. Try the walnut cookies, to die for. 


Ciudad Valles - Xilitla 176 pesos with the Vencedor Group. Departures every hour from the central terminal located outside the city.

To visit


In the middle of the rainforest, hides Xilitla, a city with deeply rooted ancestral traditions of the natives Nahua and Teenek , who live in harmony with nature and modernity. Xilitla is known for the spectacular scenery of its lush mountains and springs, as well as its sculpture garden of Las Pozas.

Entrance to the Garden includes a visit to the equally interesting museum. The works of Edward James are remarkable. But art being subjective, you like it or… not. 

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Las Pozas

Entrance fee: 125 pesos (museum + garden).

Las Pozas is a surreal garden created by the wealthy and eccentric Edward James. Do you like Tim Burton? You will love this site. Edward James was an eccentric poet and philanthropist linked to eminent artists of his time such as: Magritte, Dali, Picasso and Breton. He was the grandson of the King of England. Edward VII from whom he inherited his fortune. At the beginning of the 1940s, he left to explore Mexico in search of the right place to create his art. He then fell under the spell of the prodigious environment of Xilitla and decided to realizeThe surreal romantic Eden of her dreams.. The design of it creates a harmonious fusion between lush tropical vegetation and various concrete elements, which tell a story that only makes sense in surrealism: columns that support a waterfall, stone flowers that seem to grow among the orchids, stairs that rise to the clouds and porticoes that lead to emptiness… This place is truly extraordinary and inspires dreaming. 


-  Sukha Hostel Xilitla  -

Hostel booked on site. I had spotted her on booking. Bed in dormitory negotiated at 170 pesos (7 euros). I stay 2 days, it is perfect ! Great atmosphere, nice staff and people. Ultra comfortable beds and beautiful view from the roof terrace. 


IMG_20211022_172800 (FILEminimizer)

In the bus, I meetArnaud, espagnol vivant en Islande depuis 3 ans et Cheli, Colombian. The two travel around Mexico for a few weeks. They have just met and never leave each other. Too cute ! Arriving in El Naranjo, we look for a vehicle to get to El Meco. 2 Mexicans, Karyme and Michelle, in search of the same decide to join us. This is where lands Roberto. He begins as a guide and offers us his services in exchange of a tip at the end of the day. We like it, we are thrilled. Let's go for car rides… at 6... 

IMG_20211022_164317 (FILEminimizer)
IMG_20211023_120010 (FILEminimizer)

Here is Homéro, met during my walk in Puente de Dios.

Above the group we met at the hostel in Xilitla. Sharing an Indian meal admirably concocted by Rishi, English of Indian origin. Young volunteer at the hostel, very interesting, with great intelligence and an eternal smile. 


Dream in a bar ! Incredible that this region is so little known because it offers an immeasurable number of things to do and visit. I have never seen so many waterfalls in such a short time, all different, with stunning colors. Xilitla was also a nice surprise, it is a must. 1 week is a minimum in Huasteca Potosina. 

Next destination: Mexico City. 8 hours by night bus with the Coordinados company for 450 pesos (19 euros). Having already written an article on Mexico City, I will content myself with adding a few elements soon. I went back to the same Airbnb where I saw Boris and Theo again. This time I visited the Museum of Anthropology, Teotihuacan, Misquic where I attended the El Dia de Los Muertos event. I took salsa and bachata lessons in Mexico Park. I went to an Electro party with my 2 roommates. I saw Eric and Carolina there again, my friends from Mazunte. A great and last stay before leaving the country. 

Next destination:  Quetzaltenango to Guatemala

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