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Yucatan Peninsula– Merida

Peninsule du Yucatan – Merida


The climate is pleasant from November to April, hot in May and June (very hot) and humid from July to the end of October.


Las Coloradas - Mérida en voiture (3h).
Mais vous pouvez le faire en bus.
Voyage agréable avec Malek. On s'arrêtera manger un morceau à Tizimin. Je vous ai mis quelques photos à la fin de l'article sur Rio Lagartos.


Mérida, nicknamed “the white city”, capital of the state of Yucatán, is located in the northwest of the peninsula of the same name.  Mexican city steeped in history, with a cosmopolitan atmosphere, the colonial city with small colorful houses and authentic haciendas is renowned for its safe streets and a peaceful atmosphere. Merida is a choice stopover in the discovery of southern Mexico. A fascinating city with many facets, it is also ideally located as a starting point for visiting different sites Mayas as Uxmal or Chichen Itza.

Merida was founded by the conquistador Francisco de Montejo in 1542 on the ancient Mayan city of Tho, which had been a center of Mayan culture and activities for centuries.

Ancient Mayan carved stones Tho were used extensively to construct the Spanish colonial buildings which are abundant in downtown Merida, and are visible, for example, in the walls of the main cathedral.

The city lived prosperous times thanks to “green gold”: thehenequen, a kind of agave, exported for its ultra-resistant fiber, around the world in the form of ropes and strings. Trade in the precious resource passed through the port of Sisal a few kilometers north of the city. This golden age is still visible today through the exuberance of the large houses that display the main avenue of the city, the Paseo de Montejo.

To visit

From the first day, I felt good in this city. I thought to stay 4-5 days, I will extend until 10. Lose yourself in the streets, you will discover by chance magnificent buildings. Engulf yourself inside, do not hesitate because you will discover superbs haciendas perfectly maintained. These hidden gems really deserve to linger. Everything is beautiful, each street is a discovery. There is a wide range of very good quality restaurants. The central market is huge, colorful and really typical Mexican. On weekends, activities take place on the Plazza Grande.With a curfew introduced at 11pm, I will not have experienced the real effervescence of Merida. But I admit that with busy visiting days, I did not really suffer from it (Grandma often went to bed at that time ahaha). Except the dry law implemented in Merida. This law prohibits the sale of alcohol after 10 p.m., because of the Covid. Arf! No beers to sip by the pool in the evening. Not easy not easy haha. I should have planned ...

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Merida the cultural 

The city has cultural centers and art galleries that everyone can discover as they stroll.

To see


A pharmacy that promotes at the microphone as in a supermarket with the bonus of the big guy who dances in the street. First I hallucinated then I laughed. Just huge ! Imagine that in France 🤣


-  Hotel Boutique La Casona by Kavia   -

Old hacienda transformed into a hotel divided into 2 parts: an old and a modern one. The 1st has 5 bedrooms distributed around the interior garden; High ceilings, comfortable with modern and spacious bathrooms, but these rooms are noisy because the noise echoes in this place. 

The second consists of twenty modern and perfectly equipped rooms. All scattered around a swimming pool. Reserve the 203, it is bright, spacious and above all silent. Booked on booking for 600 pesos / night (24 euros).

Strengths of the establishment


Arrived together on Merida, Malek returns his rental car and takes to the road the next day on his side. Call fromEstelle (met in Rio Lagartos). She would like to visit this part of Mexico. I give her my program, she gives hers; it works. My room already has 2 queen beds. Easy! She joins me on my 3rd day on Merida. 

And here Erika and her husband Eduardo, both Mexican. On vacation for 2 weeks, they visit Yucatan on a road trip. We were swimming in the hotel pool the night before when a smily and hyper energetic woman arrived. What a beautiful meeting this adorable couple! He, mariachi, will brighten our ears with his lovely voice by humming some Mexican hits. Erika will make us benefit from her natural joviality and will explain to us several things to know about her country as well as some Mexican expressions. So, breakfast together the next day and off to visit Uxmal with them. Kindness in its purest form. Thanks to them. 

Bars & Restos

Here are some addresses on which I had a crush

Yucatecan Gastronomy Museum

Old hacienda transformed into a restaurant. Beautiful decor, charming place, the service is fluid. On the flat side, you will discover typical and traditional recipes such as Cochinita Pibil or Poc Chuc. Awesome ! Very good value for money. To do abolutely. The plus: you can visit the museum part which explains the history of Yucatan cuisine. Hyper interesting!


Magnificent, modern residence offering Yucathecan cuisine. Pleasant service, beautiful presentation on the plate, tasty cuisine, all for a reasonable price. Only downside: they air-condition the premises at 22. Knowing that it is 38 outside, bring a jacket. 


The best for a breakfast. Homemade fruit juice, delicious coffee, an amazing almond croissant and a savory choice for those who prefer an English breakfast. Perfect !

The mayan House

I love the setting. Super cozy and comfortable. It is not haute cuisine but the value for money is good. Ideal to relax. However, be careful with the bill: they add the tip without notifying it. 


10 days of visits in all directions. I really feel good there. I do not get enough. This city is really pleasant to live in. It even takes time to spend there. Added to this is the fact that it is at the center of several sites to visit: Chichen Itza, Celestun, Uxmal, Izamal and cenotes (next article on my visits). So you can stay there and roam around without any problem. I highly recommend it to you

I will write soon an article on Mexico in general. There is so much to say that it deserves a full-fledged article. 

With Estelle we take the road back to Bacalar… by bus.

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