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Mexico City – Meilleurs lieux à visiter

Mexico City – Meilleurs lieux à visiter


Mexico City is located on a plateau about 2,250 meters above sea level. Therefore, the climate of Mexico City is the subtropical climate of the plateau and is characterized by a single rainy season concentrated in the months of June to September, while between November and April it rains very rarely. Temperatures are mild most of the year, the average annual temperature is 16.6 ° C.


Puebla - Mexico City 2 hours by bus with the ADO company for 200 pesos (8 euros). Departure and arrival on time. Half empty bus. Really quiet trip. Arrival in the center of Mexico City.


With my luggage, I prefer Uber to public transport to get back to my room because it's really cheap in Mexico. There is a competitor here called Didi. I have not tested it but it seems to me that it is even cheaper.
The must in this city is the metro. I hallucinated when the ticket sales woman told me 5 pesos the ticket (20 cts) ! At this price, it is a duty to use it 😄Hyper practical because very well indicated. Note: there are wagons at the front of the subways especially for women. I have not used them but for those who want total security, know that they exist.
Rent an Ecobici self-service bicycle. Registration in a few minutes on their site. A bargain and very easy to use. 100 pesos a day or 500 pesos a year.

To visit

Mexico City

Mexico City

Founded in the 14th century by the Aztecs on an islet in Lake Texcoco, the pre-Columbian city of Tenochtitlan was replaced by the Spanish conquerors during the fall of the Aztec Empire in 1521. From 1522, Hernan Cortes decides to build the capital of New Spain, which he calls " Mexico ".

Today capital of Mexico, nicknamed CDMX for Ciudad de Mexico or DF for Distrito Federal, Mexico has become a must-see destination in Mexico. A vibrant city, both historic and very modern, it has a lot to offer: museums, archaeological sites, historical monuments, lively markets, a rich and varied cultural life ...

With 21 million inhabitants, it is the 32nd most populous city in the Americas and 15th in the world. 


Mexico City

The Historic Center of CDMX

1. The Constitution Square 

called Zocalo has been declared Unesco World Heritage. Largest square in Latin America, it is an important tourist attraction of Mexico City because it contains the main buildings of the city:

  • The Metropolitan Cathedral : I will tell you about it later.
  • National Palace:it is the seat of government, houses the Federal Treasury and the national archives. Part of the building has been transformed into a museum and houses frescoes by Diego Rivera, the work of which “ The history of Mexico ". ".
  • Old Merchants Portal: it occupies the east side of the square with commercial buildings since the 16th century. There are shops, luxury hotels, upscale restaurants.

Tip: for a view of the Zocalo, go up to " The Terrace " of theHotel Majestic or " The looker " of Great Hotel..

2. The Main Temple

Just behind the cathedral is the " Grand Temple ". These are the ruins and foundations of the largest Aztec empire, Tenochtitlan. Most of it was destroyed by the Spanish conquistadors to build Mexico City. Buried for centuries, it came to light by chance during construction work in 1978.

3. Latin American Tower

One of the more high skyscrapers of the city, known for its viewpoint on the top floor. You will find the Bicentenary Museum, permanent and temporary exhibitions, bars and restaurants.

4. Palace of Fine Arts

This magnificent building is a masterpiece of new and neoclassical art where splendid murals of the “big three” muralists - Diego Rivera, David Alfaro Siqueiros et José Clemente Orozco are exposed. The center hosts important art and photography exhibitions, as well as theatrical performances

Tip: you can enjoy a superb view of the Palace of Fine Arts having a coffee on the terrace, located on the top floor, of the department store Sears located just opposite.

5. National Museum of Art

The building is considered to be one of the architectural works of the early 20thth and most important centuries in the country. It houses art collection of 3000 pieces.

A crush on the Metropolitan Cathedral

  • The Metropolitan Cathedral : built over a period of 250 years, this is the largest cathedral in Latin America and one of the most important Christian buildings in the world. It is an imposing building with 14 chapels which was built on the ruins of Main temple from the aztec city of Tenochtitlan.
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Cathedrale Mexico City
Chapultepec Mexico City
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I knew the red or gray squirrels but the mix of the two, so there, not really. Not only are they not shy at all, but the craziest thing is that some pose for the photo and then seem to come close to claiming their due. Mind-blowing! 

Chapultepec Park - CDMX

True green lung Mexico City, The Chapultepec Park, also called Chapultepec Forest, is a huge green space in the heart of the city. With its 686 hectares, he's almost twice the size of New York's Central Park. In addition to lakes, sculptures, fountains, gardens, sports areas, you will find:

  • The Chapultepec Castle: Magnificent palace of 18ththcentury on the top of the hill. It offers a stunning view of the surroundings.
  • The National Museum of Anthropology: one of the most important museums in the Americas.
  • The Modern Art Museum
  • The Rufino Tamayo Contemporary Art Museum
  • The Botanical Garden
  • The Natural History Museum 
  • The Casa de Lago Cultural Center 
  • Magic Mexico: 92 models that present the main buildings of Mexico City
  •  TheMexico City National Auditorium 
  • A zoo

Avenue de la Reforma with the Angel of Independence - CDMX

The Paseo de la Reforma is themost important avenue from the capital. It stretches for 15km, crosses Mexico City diagonally from the city center to Chapultepec Castle. It hosts important points of interest in Mexico City such as theAngel of Independence, the Main Tower, the Fountain of Diane the huntress (Diana Cazadora) or the monument to Cuauhtémoc..

Austrian architect Ferdinand Von Rosenzweig designed the street by order of Maximilian I, who briefly reigned as Emperor of Mexico until his execution in 1867. 

TheAngel of Independence is one of great symbols of Mexico which represents Niké, the the Greek goddess of victory.Inaugurated in 1910 on the occasion of the centenary ofthe Independence of Mexico, this 7 ton bronze statue is covered with 24 carat gold leaf.

The Major Tower, with its top floor culminating at 225 m and its 55 floors, is the tallest skyscraper in Mexico.

The monument to Cuauhtémoc is a statue inaugurated in 1887 dedicated to the last of the Aztec emperors, Cuauhtémo

Angel of Independence Mexico City
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San Juan Market - CDMX

It is one of the oldest markets in Mexico City, now a unmissable place for foodies. Because what makes this market so special is that you will find there, in addition to common products (fruits, vegetables, cold meats, cheeses, etc.), a whole bunch of exotic products such as ostrich meat, to say the least iguana, crocodile, paca (large rodent), armadillo, polecat and even lion (farmed meat). But curiosity pushes still far by the sale of a multitude of insects: scorpions, locusts (chapulines), tarantulas, agave larvae (gusanos de maguey), cockroaches; of insects consumed sincepre-Hispanic era..

To the question to the brave salesman: how do cockroaches taste? Answer: a taste of apples. Well, well well, I will let you see… because personally, I do not intend to test mouahaha. On the other hand, I have already eaten the grilled chapulines, a very popular dish all over Mexico. Verdict: slightly crispy, salty with a barbecue flavor.

Note: this market is mainly aimed at chefs, gastronomy students, restorers and gourmets. Due to its specialized clientele, most of the visitors are men, which leads it to be called the “men's market”.

Roma and Condesa - CDMX

In my opinion, the best areas of Mexico City with the added bonus of dense and huge vegetation. 

Roma the bohemian district where you will find streets filled with contrasts. An urban style between decadence, hipster and alternative in a totally relaxed atmosphere. Start with Alvaro Obregon, the large avenue that crosses the neighborhood and divides it into Roma Norte and Roma Sur. Here you will find trendy hotels, bookstores, art galleries, cafes and restaurants. It is the epicenter of the city's alternative culture. Also worth visiting: the Casa Lamm Cultural Center, Orizaba Street to Rio de Janeiro Park, Tabasco and Colima Streets, the Object Museum, Luis Cabrera Square.

I invite you to go to Mercadoroma. This avant-garde gourmet market in Mexico brings together all kinds of producers who are passionate about cooking and new talents in a pleasant and modern setting. 

The Condesa the bobo-chic district of the city. It has always been cosmopolitan, cultured, elegant and modern. Mexico City is the most art-deco in the world, after Miami, and La Condesa is its best representative. At the heart of this district, in the Mexico Park (with a Zen corner) and its belt, Amsterdam Street, this artistic movement is present in every detail. You will find restaurants, bars, clubs there, but it remains a very quiet area.

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Anecdote in Roma

A movie was being made during my visit. It was fun to see the film crew at work and the comedians in action.

Mexico City

Street Art - CDMX

I admire their creativity and they are so well done! A real plus in the streets of Mexico.

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Did you know ?

Around 1325, the Aztecs founded Tenochtitlan on a small island west of Lake Texcoco. They also created several dams that allowed them to control the water level and at the same time obtain drinking water by separating rainwater and salt water from the lake. They also created around the central island, a system of canals and artificial islands, the chinampas, which allowed them to practice agriculture and which also participated in the control of floods.
When Hernan Cortes arrived and laid siege to Tenochtitlan, he destroyed these dams. This is why during the colonial period in the 17th century, Mexico City was subjected to numerous floods. From the 18th century, the lake began to be drained by means of canals and a tunnel towards the Panuco River. This did not immediately stem the flooding as most of the city was then located below the water level. The floods were not really stopped until the 20th century and the construction of the Drenaje Profundo. In fact, in 1967 the construction of a network of several hundred kilometers of tunnels began, between 30 and 250 meters deep. The central tunnel has a diameter of 6.5 meters and drains rainwater out of the valley.
However, the ecological consequences of the drying up are enormous and Mexico City now suffers from a lack of water. In addition, with its development (like many cities in Mexico) and the pumping of drinking water from depth, the city gradually sinks into the ground by subsidence of several centimeters each year.


-  Habitacion en San Miguel Chapultepec   -

Homestay room booked on Airbnb for 310 pesos per night (13 euros). A boon ! Located 1 street from the park, in a very nice neighborhood, this old house offers simple, comfortable and clean rooms. I will feel so good there that I will extend for a week. Boris or his mother, both very kind, will give you a warm welcome. 

Strengths of the establishment

Bars & Restos

Mexico City is so huge and offers such a wide range of places to eat that it would not make sense to drink up addresses. Let yourself be tempted by the street vendors present everywhere in the streets and for cheap. Here, street food takes on its full meaning. Lose yourself in the streets, stroll in the wind, you will inevitably find your happiness.


And who do I find here? Carolinaaaa. I told you about her in the Mazunte article. A resident of Mexico City, we knew we would have this opportunity when we parted. Reunion somewhat agitated besides because for the record, they took place at the time of the last earthquake. I found my girlfriend completely panicked at the restaurant. Despite everything, we will spend a very good evening together remembering our laughings in Mazunte. A real moment of happiness around excellent Thai cuisine. Thanks beautiful 😊


Theo, my roommate in my airbnb. A 26-year-old American writer from Detroit, he has just completed a science fiction book and is currently looking for a publisher. An English-Spanish translator, this young man also speaks French. Gifted in languages, he demonstrates a real linguistic curiosity. We will cycle the streets of the city together and share very interesting discussions. His Olympian calm and his tongue-in-cheek humor will contribute to my well-being during my stay. Thank you Theo!

Boris, owner of the Airbnb that I rent. We share the apartment. For many years, he had his interior design firm dedicated to events. The pandemic will make him close his business. He converted to modeling and cinema. Bluffing! This 42-year-old Mexican, helpful and with an eternal smile, also speaks French after having studied in Paris. Just perfect ! 

Anecdote: the unlikely probability

In Mazunte, there was a young surfer, Francisco, who rented at the same hostel at 2 rooms from mine on my left. Our exchanges have always been rather short and banal I would say. He leaves 1 day before me for a destination that I do not know because we speak little together. I continue my journey to Oaxaca de Juarez, Puebla then Mexico City. 3 days that I am in my Airbnb when I learn that a new person arrives at the end of the day to rent the room at the end of the corridor, the one at 2 rooms from mine on my left. Hold on tight ! who arrives? FranciscoFrancisco. My jaw must have dropped to the ground like in the Tex Averys when I saw it. Nah, but frankly, how much luck that we find ourselves in the same place in the same configuration, and what is more, in a city of 21 million inhabitants? I do not have an answer to be honest. I find it unbelievable. He visited Chacawa and Huatulco before coming here. He did not even take the same route as me. Besides, I am here earlier than expected because my computer broke. Crazy stuff! If you have an explanation, I am taking it because there, I have no clue. And it continues ! I stroll at random in Mexico City Park when I spot a Zen space dedicated to relaxation. Luckily, there is a free cozy seat left, just right for me. I savor this moment of tranquility. And who walks right past me? Francisco. We are miles from the apartment. The universe is trying to tell me something but what ??? He is 26 years old, I will stop you right away😂

Anecdote: Mexico City earthquake

 I was supposed to join her in a restaurant but I got lost. Here I am in the middle of a central bus and several peripherals. Super noisy, it is dark, it is raining and I am seriously late. Short ! Gallley. I ask for directions to a policeman who advises me to take a Uber. Wise idea that I follow when I receive a dozen frantic messages from Carolina: are you all right Marjorie? I am super worried. I can not reach you. I read her text messages once installed in the Uber which leads me to her. At the time, I do not understand his anguish. I just say to myself she is cute my girlfriend to worry like that for me but this is not the first time that I get lost. I reassure her by telling her that all is well. She insists, telling me about an earthquake. And there, I wonder what she is talking about. I question the driver who confirms while specifying me the magnetism is 7.1. So no, I say it, I did not feel anything and see nothing. Even though I was in the heart of Mexico City, I felt absolutely nothing. Besides, it will become a frankly funny joke from my friend Christian who writes to me: between the hurricanes that you do not see and the earthquakes that you do not feel, how are you doing in Mexico ? 🤣


A big surprise, I really did not expect this, definitely a must-have. The Mexicans told me so and I confirm, Mexico City is incredible. I will come back for sure because I could not do everything. The weather is complicated right now. The weather is fine for a few hours, then gray, then it rains or vice versa: difficult to predict anything. But I want to visit Teotihuacan and Xochilmic

Conclusion: I go to the sun on the edge of the Pacific. I will be back at the end of October at the end of the rainy season, the weather should be better. In any case, the feast of the dead takes place on November 2, I do not intend to miss that. 

Next destination: Sayulita. 10h by night bus with the company Tap Plus for 1310 pesos (55 euros).

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