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Etat de Nayarit – Sayulita

Nayarit State - Sayulita


Sayulita has a predominantly tropical climate. Winter is characterized by less rainfall than in summer. The average temperature in Sayulita is 25 ° C. It is dry for 152 days a year on average with an estimated humidity of 62% over the year.


Mexico City - Tepic 9:30 am by night bus with the company Tap Plus for 1318 pesos (55 euros). Ultra-comfortable bus with wide seats with video screens. Very good recline of the seats, I managed to sleep, a feat. Happiness for traveling.
Tepic - Sayulita 4h30 min for 215 pesos (9 euros).
So the first trip went like a flower. I arrived at 7:30 am in Tepic in pretty good shape. All perky, I buy my 2nd ticket to travel the last 150 km that separates me from Sayulita. The time to drink a coffee and here I am in a very rotten bus, not to say at the end of his life. I am not alone, Ladies cockroaches keep me company. I always take off my sneakers during the journey, there, no, I like the idea of ​​keeping them on my feet 😂 2 hours of journey will turn into a journey of 4h30 because this old jerk stops at each village and advances to 2 per hour. Yes, it was long mouahaha. Paradise has to be won.

To visit

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Sayulita Mexico


With a population of around 2,300 inhabitants, Sayulita is a small town in Mexico in the state of Nayarit along the Pacific Ocean. Pueblo Magico with a "good vibes" atmosphere, colorful streets, waves conquered by surfers; Sayulita is the most hippie-chic town in all of Riviera Nayarit.

Top 10 things to do in Sayulita 

Did you know ?

In this region, coconut palms proliferate. In the past, in Saylita, workers would collect coconuts and split them in half with stones to extract the oil. During the coconut oil boom, many people died from lung diseases caused by inhaling the dust that coconuts give off when they are cracked. In the 1940s, production declined considerably and the inhabitants resorted to agriculture and fishing, which are still varied but less abundant today. In 1965, the Varas-Vallarta highway was built, paving the way for an important regional activity: tourism. A few years later, a government tourism expansion and development project began. In Sayulita, the streets were paved and its square, kiosk, market and sidewalks were built. The beach has been frequented by surfers since the 1960s. Other tourists are drawn to the beach, the culture, the jungle and the laid back life. The city is also very popular with digital nomads. Among the jungle and sea fauna of this region, some rarely seen, are animals and birds such as badgers, armadillos, beavers, pumas, jaguars, ocelots, wild axolotls, wild boars, coatis, skunks, iguanas, geckos, chachalacas, frigates, turkey vultures, pelicans, parakeets, herons, rattlesnakes.

Sayulita or my 2nd Mazunte. .  

Every person I have met here has extended their stay. For my part, the days go by and look alike. I am floating in the stratosphere, I have no desire to leave. Every day, I tell myself, I'll see later. Regularly, new people arrive at the hostel. New atmosphere each time and off we go for a ride. The city is magical, but the hostel even more so. A special adult summer camp, in which I laugh so much. Happiness in its purest form ! I live day to day barefoot, in a swimsuit and shorts. No masks, gel or whatever. A normal, simple life made up of sharing, good, fresh and healthy food, sport, meditation, reading and head full of dreams. I have my secret corners where I can be alone when I want to. The vegetation and the ocean revitalize me. A wellness like we all dream about. 

Sayulita Mexico

Street Art

Always so many colors and pleasure with their creations ...

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Sayulita Mexico
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Sayulita Mexico

Carricitos: mon coup de coeur

My hidden Eden

On the other side of the jungle hides my favorite beach. Every evening around 6 p.m., I disappear to go barefoot away from the hustle and bustle, to my little lost paradise. Frequented by a few surfers, this little corner offers unique, magical, incredible sunsets. From the first day, I discovered it thanks to the locals. I wanted a sunset over the sea and away from ambient noise. Even though I am very sociable, I still keep a very wild side. I love being alone and even more so in the evening to meditate, recharge my batteries, communicate with nature and watch the sunset, a special moment for me. I find my Mazunte there, this same feeling of fullness, I literally hover. The craziest thing is that on my return, a gift awaits me every night in the jungle: hundreds of fireflies. I turn off the lamp on my phone, and I witness in astonishment, in silence, the constant and twirling ballet of these. A daily enchantment. What a beauty ! Unfortunately, my phone was never able to capture these moments. 

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-  Viajero Sayulita Hostal   -

Pour réserver, cliquez ici

Hostal booked on site and negotiated at 480 pesos (20 euros) per night. Yes it is expensive especially that for this price there, I have a bed in dormitory. 1st experience for me, moreover, because I always rent single rooms. You can find more interesting on Airbnb. But here is the thing, the hostel is really classy and brand new. The comfort is such that I will never be leaving. My one week stay will turn into 3. It is very difficult to get out of this place because it is so good. 

I will meet countless people there. This place is a real summer camp for adults. Dj evenings or salsa lessons take place. We will also be entitled to a Pool Party, open to the outside, which, against all expectations, will receive 250 people. One of the best I had in my life. 



Evening to celebrate Independence Day. Fiesta with Noé, mexican on vacation, Antoine, French who has been around the world for several months andddheyyy, Vincent whom I met in Oaxaca and which I find here. 1st night in Sayulita and it is already a party. The tone is set ! Below, I present to you Nouha, Franco-Moroccan on vacation for a few days in Mexico. Great contact with her. Unfortunately, time is running out because she will soon be returning to her Normandy. 

IMG_20210922_195339 (FILEminimizer)

We find Joanne, encountered at the beginning of my trip in Baja California. Regularly in contact with her, we take the opportunity to meet again because in a few days, she is leaving for Chiapas. 

Above the group with which I spent the most time. From left to right, Luigi, Mexican on vacation in his country because he lives in Miami. Santu and Anne, a very endearing Finnish couple, here for 1 month. Paul, Californian who ditched everything. He travels the world with his camping gear and backpack. And to finish, Amagi, a 66-year-old retiree who has been traveling the world for 14 years, a rare energy.

Bars & Restos

Here are some addresses on which I had a crush

El Itacate

The kings of tacos. I recommend those with fish or shrimps. Generous portions garnished with fresh and grilled products: it is simply tasty. Those with tuna are to die for. They consist of large pieces of grilled and pink tuna. The welcome is very nice. We come once and we come back for sure. IMG_20211006_174056 (FILEminimizer) IMG_20211006_180018 (FILEminimizer)

Yahyah Café

Coffee shop which offers muffins, pastries, bagels and breakfasts. Everything is excellent although a bit expensive. But the comfort and the quality are there. Pleasant welcome. We feel good there.

Anchor Cafe

Co-working place with a good wifi connection. Everything is homemade and very good for a reasonable price. Excellent chai latte. 


The kings of smoothies, fruit juices but especially bowls. Vegetables, super fresh and tasty fish. Their specialty for those who know, acai.Growned in Brazil,the berries are considered a super food. Antioxidants, rich in calcium, protein, fiber and more, they help keep the immune system strong and prevent cardiovascular disease. To test absolutely!

San Pancho

Depart every 15 mins from the bus terminal in central Sayulita. 25 pesos one way. Travel time 20 mins. 

San Francisco, more commonly called San Pancho, is a Mexican town located just 20 minutes by bus from Sayulita.  It is a charming place with just over 1,500 inhabitants, in which the most Mexican village traditions are preserved, such as riding a horse or talking with neighbors, living with the customs. Small quiet corner with a bohemian atmosphere where life is good and renowned for having the most beautiful sunsets. 

Puerto Vallarta

Depart every 15 mins from the bus terminal in central Sayulita. 50 pesos one way. Journey time 1 hour.

Puerto Vallarta is a Mexican city in the state of Jalisco. Located on the Pacific, 45 mins drive from Sayulita, it has about 203,000 inhabitants. Travelers I have met have advised me to spend little time there. I will therefore go there for a single day to see what this world famous destination looks like and especially American. The agglomeration offers two major pleasure basins and a port of call for cruise ships. It is an important tourist destination. Puerto Vallarta is considered the LGBT capital of Mexico.

Top 10 des choses à faire à Puerto Vallarta

Street Art Puerto Vallarta

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They are everywhere. This one comes to walk on the bar of the hostel.

I find them superb. 😃

Their color provides some information. Green, they are young. Orange, older. 

They approach when we give them salad.


Je bosse sur mon ordinateur à l’hostel quand le cuisinier arrive avec Mademoiselle. Il l’a trouvée dans une des plantes. Wow ! Magnifique. Ce n’est pas tous les jours que l’on voit des mantes religieuses. Je suis trop contente de pouvoir la porter. Il manque malheureusement 2 pattes à la pauvre bichette, ça me fait de la peine. Je la garde un peu avec moi, puis je la repose précautionneusement. J’espère que je ne l’ai pas effrayée. 


3 weeks that filled me up. A center that is too noisy for my taste but which offers a great nightlife. A jungle 2 steps away, an easy way to isolate yourself, deserted beaches to discover, sunsets on the water as I like them, many encounters, nice little restaurants, easily accessible hikes, a climate sunny and warm: a perfect life. 

But now, I have the journey in my skin, I miss the adventure. I am dying to see the rest of Mexico; it is stronger than me. I take my map where I planted a small flag for each place I would like to see. One of them is called Guanajuato, my heart points me in that direction. 

Next destination: Guanajuato. 1st bus to Guadalajara, 5h with the Pacifico company for 585 pesos (24 euros). 2nd bus to Guanajuato, 4 hours with the ETN company for 615 pesos (26 euros).

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