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Medellin – Printemps éternel de la Colombie

Medellin – Eternal Spring of Colombia


Santa Marta - Airport
30 mins - 35000 COP/2

After a day of rest to recover from our trek to Ciudad Perdida, we decide with Estelle to continue with Medellin. There are flights every hour. Tickets can be bought at the last minute without any problem. So we take a taxi to the airport. 

Santa Marta Airport - Medellin Airport
1h15 - 64 euros with luggage

In Colombia, it is more common to take the plane than the bus for long distances. And considering the price, I highly recommend you take it. We have a smooth flight. We sympathize with Carlos, a Colombian who lives in Medellin. He tells us the nice neighborhoods to find a hotel. We quickly find one on Booking. Let's go to the center !

Medellin Airport - Center Medellin
30 mins - 10000 COP

In Buseta. It is really advisable to use the busetas, because, by the nature of the journe, it does not take much longer than a car, but it is significantly cheaper. Arrived at the center, we continue with a taxi for the same price. 


Capital of Antioquia, Medellin is the second most populated city in Colombia after Bogota with 2 million inhabitants. Located in the heart of the Aburra Valley, at 1538 meters above sea level, Medellin is nicknamed the "City of Eternal Spring" for the beautiful and mild climate that it displays all year round. Famous in the 80s for being one of the most violent cities in the world because of the drug cartels that reigned supreme there, the city has been transformed little by little to become an exemplary model in terms of urban planning and dynamism. In this regard, she has received numerous awards for her radical transformation. It was awarded for its modern transport system (metro, tram, cable car) which allowed the most popular districts to connect to the rest of the city. It was also honored for its environmental policy with the enhancement of green spaces and parks such as the Botanical Garden. But also for the creation of cultural centres, museums, libraries and public schools which have encouraged the integration of the poorest into society. 

What to do in Medellin?

Medellin Colombia
Comuna 13 Medellin

Comuna 13 - Queen of street-art

Comuna 13 was one of the most criminal neighborhoods in Medellin. He was the focal point of the conflicts led by the guerrillas. Today, it has become the heart of street art par excellence. It now houses the Casa Kolacho community center: a social inclusion program for the most disadvantaged that has given it color and life. Dance shows, music of all kinds, bars, restaurants, street-food animate this neighborhood that has become cool and trendy. The must: take the outdoor public escalators that cross it. This place is really my favorite for its lively and colorful atmosphere. 

3h15 - 300 NHL
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El Poblado

El Poblado is the most chic neighborhood in Medellin. You will find the most beautiful buildings and hotels there. Its pedestrian streets allow you to enjoy trendy bars, refined cuisine from around the world, designer boutiques, small cafes, all in a green setting.

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El Poblado Medellin
Metrocable Arvi Park

Metrocable - Parc Arvi

Arvi Park is a nature reserve comprising 1,761 hectares of forest at an altitude range between 2340 and 2680 m above sea level. The cold reigns here with temperatures between 12°C and 18°C, in a humid tropical mountain environment where cloud forests are abundant. It is home to around 69 species of birds, 19 species of mammals, and 41 species of amphibians and reptiles. Here you will find various trails for hiking, biking, bird watching and picnicking areas. 

How to get there ? By car but the best is to take the metrocable from the Acevedo station in the north of the city. Take line K to Santo Domingo station then line L. It promises you a spectacular view of Medellin. 

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La Candelaria District

  • Botero Square is an emblematic place in Medellin, located in the Candelaria district, in the heart of the historic center. 23 giant sculptures by the artist Fernando Botero are exhibited there, transforming this square into an open-air art gallery.
  • You will also find there the Antioquia Museum and the Rafael Uribe Palace of Culture, undoubtedly one of the most beautiful buildings in the city. Open terrace on the top floor which offers a breathtaking view of the city. 
  • Berrio Park: one of the most important meeting points for the inhabitants of Medellin dominated by the Basilica Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria.


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Botero Square Medellin
The Castle Medellin

The Castle Museum

Entrance fee: 15000 COP (3.50 euros).

It is undoubtedly the most beautiful and most visited museum in Medellin. The building, inspired by the castles of the Loire Valley in France, was built in 1930 in the medieval Gothic style. It presents works by Colombian masters and European artists, precious furniture, glassware, porcelain, paintings, sculptures… The whole is admirably well maintained. I had a great time there. 

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Also to do

  • Antioquia Museum is the oldest and largest in the city. It offers an exhibition of 5000 pieces (indigenous objects, paintings by Botero) of the cultural and historical heritage of Antioquia distributed in 23 rooms.  
  • The Modern Art Museum of Medellin, also called MAMM, is devoted to research, conservation and dissemination in the fields of modern and contemporary arts. The museum has 233 works by the Antioqueña painter Debora Arango, but also works by other important artists of national or international renown.
  • Explora Park is an interactive science museum in Medellin. It is made up of an aquarium emphasizing the Amazon, a vivarium, a planetarium, a public experimentation workshop, exhibitions... Young and old will be delighted. 
  • The House of Memory is dedicated to the dark years of the Colombian conflict. Here, the victims are honored and the story told authentically. 
  • Pablo Escobar Museum. Private museum in the drug lord's family home, housing photos and possessions. When I saw the price (25 euros), I turned around. I leave you alone judge. 
  • The Water Museum is also an interactive space where you are shown the importance of water and how to protect it through different experiences.
Antoquia Museum Medellin
Guatape Colombia
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Guatape and the Rock Stone

A must

BUS: they leave for Guatape every hour from the North Terminal of Medellin (Caribe metro stop). Tickets can be bought at counter 9 or 14. Count on average 2 hours of journey. Price: 17000 COP (4 euros)

For the record, the Guatape valley woke up one fine morning with its feet in the water. The reason ? The construction of an electric dam on the Rio Nare in the 1970s. The dam led to the flooding of the plain causing the displacement of more than 4000 people, transforming the hills into islands and thus creating an artificial lake but above all one of the the most breathtaking landscapes in Colombia. Activities on the lake: kayak, jetski, wakeboard, boat trips. 

  • La Piedra del Penol : this huge black rock seems to have been placed there as if by magic. It is surreal ! Many legends circulate about it. It was a sacred place for the Tahami natives. Today, it has become the watchtower of the region thanks to fitted stairs allowing access to the summit. It is the tourist attraction of the area. When I get off the bus, I meet Zuri, a 30-year-old American. We decide to climb it together. So warm up your legs because it stings a bit. We reach the top after 700 steps. The view is just spectacular, 360 degrees. We spend a good hour up there, savor the moment with a little coffee before attacking the descent. We are walking towards the village of Guatape when I decide to hitchhike. Zuri will join me later. A motorcycle stops. Juan Carlos, a 38-year-old Colombian picks me up. We discuss, he offers to take me to a second mirador before dropping me off in the village. Very good ! Again, the view is stunning. I have a great time with him. We then arrive in the village. He leaves me near the docks where I find Zuri walking around. 
  • The village of Guatape is one of the most colorful villages in Colombia. Its multicolored and colorful alleys, its central square, its church, its tuk-tuks and its typical cafes create a beautiful atmosphere. On the bottom of each house, you can discover the famous Zocalos, which make all the particularity of this small village. It is these decorations that tell the story of the village or represent the activities, passions or even the profession of the owners of the houses. 



-  Hostal Rich -

To book click here

Booked on Booking for 68850 COP per night for 2. (14 euros). The owner is a really lovely person and very attentive to her customers. She gave us a great welcome and even provided a metro card, which is right next to it. All furniture is made with pallets. I like. The rooms are simple but very clean, comfortable and well equipped. The kitchen is very functional. 

Strengths of the establishment

Bars & Restos

Here are some addresses on which I had a crush


Famous restaurant in Medellin located in the Poblado district, which serves typical Colombian cuisine. It has attracted many celebrities of all nationalities, and has become a must in Medellin. His first specialty is a typical Paisa soup filled with spices and herbs and prepared with beef tripe. Other specialties include the Bandeja Paisa, which is called Tipico Antioqueño, another typical dish from the Antioquia region, and their Ajiaco, a Colombian chicken soup with potatoes. 

Don Oscar

An attractive cocktail bar, a nice view, fresh and tasty dishes. My ceviche was excellent. I recommend it with no hesitation. 


As soon as we arrived, Estelle was not at all enthusiastic about this city and wanted to leave quickly. For my part, I wanted to take the time to visit it. So we split again. Medellin is an astonishing and lively city which did not particularly seduce me but in which I had a good time. I made some nice occasional encounters there that enhanced my stay here. 

Next destination:  Jardin – Colombia. 

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